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The campaign may be over, but your journey is not yet complete. Whether you were successful in being elected as a member of Parliament or not, there are a few things related to political financing that you'll need to do before you can close your campaign. Remember: There are penalties associated with failing to file your Keyword: electoral campaign returns, and with filing them late.


STEP17: What do I do to report as a candidate?

For a complete list of reporting responsibilities and deadlines, see chapter 12 of the Political Financing Handbook for Candidates and Official Agents.

Your Keyword: official agent is responsible for most of the financial reporting. As a candidate, there are only a few things you need to do to complete your reporting. You need to:

  1. Submit the Candidate's Statement of Expenses, which is due to your official agent 3 months after election day.
  2. Submit the Candidate's Statement of Gifts or Other Advantages Received, which is due to Elections Canada 4 months after election day.
  3. Submit revisions to your Electoral Campaign Return either upon request or in response to a review by Elections Canada.

*Coming Soon! The political financing processes will be changing due to the passage of new legislation. We will update these processes before June 13, 2019.

Reports can be submitted to Elections Canada through the Electronic Financial Return (EFR) software. Check out the EFR ( Electronic Financial Return) training videos.

Check out the latest version of the EFR ( Electronic Financial Return) Software, or email for information on downloading the software.

Make sure your official agent knows where to find information about financial reporting, and know what your responsibilities are as a candidate

STEP18: How can I share my experience?

We want to know about your journey to running in a federal election, and we think other Canadians will want to know, too! Don't forget to share your experience with others through social media, and to include us in your posts:




The Institute of Fiscal Studies and Democracy asked past and present candidates to share their advice on the reports candidates are asked to provide.

(EC Commissioned Resource) (Coming soon)

Once Elections Canada has confirmed that all of your reporting is done, your campaign is officially closed. Congratulations, you've arrived! Inspire others with your journey to running in a federal election—share your story!