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Are you inspired to connect with us? Are you inspired to network with organizations that are already working with us? If so, there are many ways to do it.

Connect with us!

We're happy to provide information, answer questions, or simply talk about civic engagement. We're also looking for people to help us spread the word about the next federal election!

Share information about the 2019 federal election with your communities.

Find us at an Inspire Democracy event near you

The next federal election will take place in 2019 and we want to make sure that all communities have access to information about registering and voting, working in an election, and running in an election and can work together to reach out to those who want to learn more.

  • Workshop and Outreach Tools
  • EC Voter Information Campaign
  • EC infographics

Connect with our partners

We work with organizations and individuals across Canada to reduce barriers to civic engagement and increase access to information about participating in federal elections. Many of our partners are also helping share information about the next federal election. Many have said that working with us has helped them build their own network. Would you like to be one of them? Contact us.