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Getting Ready for 2015: What We Learned From the 2014 Inspire Democracy Workshops (Text Version)

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Slide One - The Webinar Team

Miriam Lapp
Elections Canada

Ellis Westwood

Tristan Eclarin

Neil Burron
Elections Canada

Slide Two - Agenda

  • Welcome (5 min)
  • Presentation (25 min)
  • Questions (15 min)
  • Updates from organizations (45 min)



Slide Three - Presentation

  • Wrap-up of workshops
  • Getting ready for 2015: what you told us

    1. Preparing your organization
    2. Preparing youth
    3. Disseminating information on  registering and voting
      (Questions – 5 min)
    4. Getting ready for election day
    5. Working together
  • Looking ahead



Slide Four - Wrap up of workshops

  • 10 cities with over 130 organizations from 9 provinces and 1 territory
  • Huge success!
  • Five-point program of action
  • Final report



Slide Five - 1. Preparing your organization

  • Listen
  • Discuss
  • Train
  • Develop terms of reference
  • Expand programs and projects
  • Link civic engagement
  • Democracy Talks



Slide Six - 2. Preparing youth

  • Host educational events
  • Promote electoral literacy
  • Organize debates and other experiential activities
  • Organize a mock election
  • Train “democratic ambassadors”
  • Produce a documentary
  • Talk about voting

A parallel election organized by Student Vote (photo credit: CIVIX)

Slide Seven - 3. Disseminating information on registering and voting

  • Disseminate EC info
  • Use multiple sources – including social media
  • Produce youth-friendly resources
  • Meet youth where they are
  • Encourage youth to use EC’s online registration
  • Encourage youth to work at the polls

Online Elector Registration Service
To vote, you must be registered. Use E-Registration, our online elector registration service, to:
check if you are registered to vote in federal elections, or
update your address

Slide Eight - 4. Getting ready for election day

  • Organize transportation
  • Recognize youth voters
  • Promote friendly GOTV competitions
  • Get family involved
  • Creative outreach


Slide Nine - 5. Working together

  • Collaborate
  • Co-develop tools
  • Support and promote groups
  • Develop a community
  • Create a get-out-the-vote network


Slide Ten - Looking ahead: What EC will do

  • Continue to make research, tools and info available
  • Continue to offer a platform for organizations
  • Help organizations exchange info and stay in contact
  • More webinars

Slide Eleven

2015 Electoral Reminder Program
Multimedia Advertising and Information Campaign

Provides Canadians with information on

  • When, where and ways to register and vote
  • Ways to prove their identity and address

Goal – Electors have the information they need to register and to be ready to vote in the October 19, 2015, general election

Personnage comique crayon tenant

Target audiences

  • General population of voters
  • Unregistered electors: first-time voters and those who have recently moved
  • Groups of electors more likely to face barriers to registration and voting: Aboriginal electors, people with disabilities, members of ethnocultural communities, seniors, youth, homeless electors

How will Elections Canada reach voters?

When will Elections Canada reach voters?

Final weeks

Intensify advertising toward election day to remind about the date of election and commonly used pieces of ID

Slide Twelve - Updates from organizations

  1. Does your organization have any project updates you would like to share?
  2. Any new engagement initiatives to announce?
  3. Future plans?