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Spring 2015 Newsletter

Volume 4

In this Issue

  • New research
    1. How Low Turnout is Turned Around: International Best Practice in Voter Turnout Campaigns
    2. Youth, New Media, and the Rise of Participatory Politics
  • New tools
    1. Citizen Chats Toolkit
    2. Get Out the Vote
  • Ongoing initiatives
    1. Updates from Inspire Democracy

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The snow is melting and winter is almost behind us! To celebrate the arrival of spring, we've added new research and tools to our website.

New Research

How Low Turnout is Turned Around: International Best Practice in Voter Turnout Campaigns

WPP The Government & Public Sector Practice (2015)

How can non-partisan actors increase turnout? This report provides an overview of lessons based on some of the most successful turnout campaigns in recent years. The report discusses successful strategies and programs used by non-partisan bodies working in established democracies, including Canada.

Youth, New Media, and the Rise of Participatory Politics

Youth and Participatory Politics Research Network (2014)

New media have come to play a prominent role in civic and political life. This study looks at how new media serve as both a conduit for political information and a major public arena where citizens express and exchange their political ideas; raise funds; and mobilize others to vote, protest, and work on public issues. The report finds evidence that new media are facilitating participatory politics--interactive, peer-based acts through which individuals and groups seek to exert both voice and influence on issues of public concern.

New Tools

We’ve added many new tools and resources to Inspire Democracy. Here are just a couple.

Citizen Chats Toolkit

Citizens Academy (2014)

Citizen Chats are designed to bring together a small group of people to discuss the local issues that matter most, share different perspectives and explore solutions. The toolkit contains a helpful guide, tips and tricks to making your Chat a success and a welcoming environment for all.

Get Out the Vote

Maytree (2014)

Maytree provides educational resources and research from community leaders and activists concerned about mobilizing disengaged voters.  Although the focus is on municipal elections in Toronto, the lessons are applicable to other settings as well. 

Ongoing Initiatives

Updates from Inspire Democracy

How can youth-serving organizations prepare youth to register and vote in the next federal election?  The Inspire Democracy Workshop Series provided an opportunity for organizations across the country to share their ideas.  We've compiled these into a five-point plan of action.  Check out the Final Report from the workshop series for more details.  We've also included the plan in our first Webinar

Stay tuned for more Webinars and activities in the months to come!