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Spring 2016 Newsletter

Volume 7

In this Issue

  • Election results
    • Access and download election results
  • Report on the 42nd general election
    • CEO's report submitted
  • Reasons for not voting
    • Statistics Canada published a report on the reasons for not voting during the last election
  • "Youth Political Participation : The Diverse Roads to Democracy " Conference
    • Academic conference to be held at McGill University in June 2016

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The academic conference "Youth Political Participation: The Diverse Roads to Democracy" will take place on the downtown campus of McGill University in June 2016. The conference will bring together experts on political participation, socialization and civic education from around the world, to discuss the state of the field, recent research findings, and to explore future avenues of research. The conference will showcase research from different national contexts and offer a comparative perspective on the contemporary challenges of youth political engagement in western democracies.

All activities will be open to the public.

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This newsletter takes a look back on the 42nd federal general election. It features the official voting results and the CEO’s report to Parliament, along with survey information about the reasons why some Canadians chose not to vote.

Election results

You can now access and download the results from election night. You can view the official results on a map of Canada, and results can be displayed nationally or by province or territory.

Report on the 42nd general election

After the 42nd general election held on October 19, 2015, Mr. Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer, provided his report to Parliament, in accordance with the Canada Elections Act. Under the Act, the Speaker shall submit this report to the House of Commons without delay.

Reasons for not voting

Statistics Canada recently published a report on the reasons why people are not voting in the federal election of October 19, 2015.

It was noted that "[among] the 23% of eligible Canadians voters who reported that they did not vote in the October 2015 federal election, the most common reason reported for not voting was 'not being interested in politics,' followed by being 'too busy.'"