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August 2014 Newsletter

Volume 2

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  • Use our elections countdown clock
  • Upcoming events
  • Everyday Political Citizens
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Upcoming Events

Canada's Democracy Week

Canada's Democracy Week 2014 will take place from September 15 to 21, 2014.

This year's theme is Democracy: Own it. See Canada's Democracy Week website for more details.

Municipal Elections

Municipal elections will be held in different cities this fall. To learn more:

Everyday Political Citizens

Nominate someone whose political work inspires you. Visit Samara's Everyday Political Citizens contest site for more details.

Tell us what you are doing

Have you recently conducted research on youth civic participation? Let us know and we'll include your research or information on our site.

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We would love to know what you think. Send us an email.

More to come in the next newsletter

Provincial Diversity Study

Researchers Antoine Bilodeau and Luc Turgeon recently undertook a massive survey of youth and Canadians from diverse communities across the country. Some of their findings were quite surprising. Find our more in our next newsletter.

Inspire Democracy Workshop Series

The spring edition of the Inspire Democracy workshop series has come to an end! Workshops were held in Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Edmonton. These workshops were a great opportunity to build an engagement community devoted to re-engaging Canadian youth in civic life. Elections Canada shared research on youth civic engagement while participants exchanged ideas on how to engage youth. This fall, we will host workshops in Quebec, Montreal, Moncton and Calgary with a focus on where, when and how to vote in the next federal election. Visit our website for details, including workshop reports and photos.

Use our election countdown clock

Based on popular demand at the workshops, we've turned our 2015 federal election countdown clock into a widget. If you are interested in adding the widget to your website you can obtain the web coding here.

New Research


BC Youth Registration Pilot Project

Apathy is Boring (with support of Elections Canada)
Elections BC teamed up with Apathy is Boring to mobilize youth to register in the provincial election on May 14, 2013. Read the report to find out about how the 'Street Team' model of youth mobilization works.

Read the report

The Effects of Voter ID Notification on Voter Turnout: Results from a Large-Scale Field Experiment

Jack Citrin et al. (2014)
US researchers show that informing voters of ID requirements can help boost turnout.

Read the report

Millennials and their World

Making it Millennial: Public Policy and the Next Generation

GovLab (2014)
Millennials are facing an increasingly bumpy path down the road to success. Find out more in this important report.

Read the report

Civic Education

Nova Scotia Youth Civic Literacy Report

Springtide Collective (2013)
Find out why civic literacy is so important for ensuring effective and informed participation in civic life, and see how young Nova Scotians performed on a ten-question civic literacy test.

Read the report

New Tools

We've added many new tools and resources to our website. Here are just a few. Be sure to check the website to see the full list of available tools.

Being an Active Citizen
Justice Education Society of British Columbia (2014)
A toolkit with a 5-year program with 10 lessons per year for Social Studies grades 7-11. Being an Active Citizen introduces students to the fundamentals of law and how the justice system works, and the structure and operation of our governments.

Student Connect Program
City of Toronto (2014)
A program created to connect students with their communities and provide youth with an opportunity to participate in the democratic process by working in a voting place on election day.

City for all Women Initiative
Based in Ottawa, CAWI offers a range of tools for women to have their voice heard at City Hall and influence organizational diversity and inclusion. The new Making Votes Count Where We Live resource, which provides strategies for residents, community partners and governments to increase voter turnout and long-term civic engagement.

Getting the Majority to Vote: Practical solutions to re-engage citizens in local elections (Abstract)
Norman Gludovatz (Centre for Civic Governance) (2014)
This report provides six simple solutions to increase voter turnout in municipal elections. These solutions are equally applicable to provincial and federal elections, and can be pursued by many different actors.

Youth City
Justice Education Society of British Columbia (2014)
A resource for youth to find out how to be involved in their city, hear about upcoming community events and learn about city governance. The website also has a resource page where people can learn about youth civic participation, representation in government, and the political system.

Springtide three-minute citizen
Springtide Collective
Springtide has created 10 short videos explaining democracy in Canada. Great for students and anyone else who wants to know how democracy works.