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Infographic on Indigenous Participation in Federal Elections

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Indigenous Participation in Federal Elections
Quick Facts

2015 – A historic election!

2015: Historic Indigenous turnout and highest general population turnout since 1993

Significant Indigenous community-led mobilization efforts

Broad collaboration between Elections Canada and Indigenous community organizations was instrumental in spreading the word

Youth participation is increasing,
but there is still an imbalance

In the 42nd general election, voting increased across all age groups, with the largest increase among youth 18-24.

Indigenous youth turnout is also going up.
If you vote the first time you are eligible, you're more likely to keep voting later in life.

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Turnout on reserves is increasing

Turnout on reserves is increasing

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Trends are encouraging, but there are still barriers for Indigenous peoples

We want to hear from you!

What are your voting experiences (local and federal)?

What barriers to voting do you see?

What can Elections Canada do to reduce barriers?

What do youth, organisations and community leaders need to get more involved? social media images

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