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Infographic on Youth Voter Turnout in Canada 2015 General Election


Youth Voter Turnout in Canada
2015 General Election

Electoral Imbalance

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Low voter turnout is still disproportionately concentrated among young Canadians. However, in the 2015 federal election, 57% of youth aged 18 to 24 cast a ballot, up 18 percentage points from 2011.

First-time voters voted in their first election

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Two trends are happening

There is a role for parties and candidates, but…

Age vs contact

Young people are less likely to be contacted by a party or candidate than older people, but those who are contacted are more likely to vote.

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...Others also play a role

  • Parties / Candidates

  • Teachers

    (for 18–22-year-olds)
  • Media

  • Friends / Family


National Youth Survey

What Canadians think

Who should be most responsible for encouraging young people to vote?


Who should be most responsible for encouraging young people to learn about the electoral process?


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Canadian Election Study

How Elections Canada Helps


  • non-partisan education materials & resources
  • civic education programming
  • research & expertise

Community Organizations

Parents & Teachers


Provincial & Territorial Electoral Management Bodies

Aboriginal Organizations

Elections Canada teaching tools matter

The Student Vote Evaluation

of parents reported that their interest increased as a result of their child's participation.

(60% in 2011)

After completing Student Vote, students more likely to agree voting is a civic responsibility

for elementary students
(up from 27% before the program)

for secondary students
(up from 26% before the program)

Teacher satisfaction was very high, with
of participating teachers saying they would very likely participate in the program in the future.

(95% in 2011)

The National Youth Survey

People who took a course on government had a higher turnout.

19 percentage points*
(65% Compared to 46%)

*Up 5 percentage points from 2011

National network

  • Parents
  • Educators
  • Youth
  • Media
  • Politicians
  • Electoral

"We need a concerted effort across the country that allows all of us—parents, educators, youth, politicians, media and electoral agencies—to work together to address and reverse this trend and give young Canadians the tools they need to play an active role in a democratic life."

Marc Mayrand
Chief Electoral Officer of Canada