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Who Participates? A Closer Look at the Results of the National Youth Survey

François Gélineau (2013)

Professor François Gélineau takes a fresh look at the results of the National Youth Survey, comparing the drivers of political participation among different age groups, between students and non-students and across provinces and territories.

What Parties do to Engage and Mobilize Youth: A Literature Review of Five Countries

Samara (2013)

How are parties engaging youth, and what can we learn from their efforts? Samara reviews the literature on party mobilization in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Finland.

From Elections Canada

Elections Canada (2011)

What do we know about the impact of civic education on voter turnout? This research digest summarizes key findings from the literature.

Voter Turnout and Registration Data

Understanding the Increase in Voting Rates Between the 2011 and 2015 Federal Elections

Statistics Canada (2016)

Which population groups experienced the largest increases in voter turnout between the 41st and 42nd general elections? Statistics Canada uses supplementary questions added to the Labour Force Survey after the last general election to assess these changes in detail.

Estimation of Voter Turnout by Age Group and Gender at the 2015 General Election

Elections Canada

This report presents estimates of voter turnout by various demographic groups defined by age and gender, at the national, provincial and territorial levels for the 42nd general election, held on October 19, 2015. Tables of the detailed estimates presented in the report, along with their associated statistical margins of error, are also available.

How Canada Performs: Voter Turnout

Conference Board of Canada (2013)

Estimation of Voter turnout by Age Group

Elections Canada (2011)

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Youth Participation

Can You Hear Me Now: Young People and the 2015 Federal Election

Samara Canada (2016)

The myth of apathetic youth has been debunked! Following the last general election in 2015, Samara surveyed Canadians about their experiences during the last electoral campaign.

2015 National Youth Survey

Elections Canada (2015)

Youth Electoral Engagement in Canada

André Blais and Peter Loewen (2011)

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Civic Education

Civic Education and Youth Political Participation

(Introduction and first two chapters)
Murray Print and Henry Milner (eds.) (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers, 2009)

The Political Socialization of Adolescents in Canada: Differential Effects of Civic Education on Visible Minorities

Ellen Claes et al. (2009)
Canadian Journal of Political Science, 32:3

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Engaging New Voters: The Impact of Nonprofit Voter Outreach on Client and Community Turnout

Nonprofit VOTE

A report that evaluates the potential of non-profit service providers and community-based organizations to increase voting in the election. These findings can help your organization too!

A 61-Million-Person Experiment in Social Influence and Political Mobilization

Robert Bond et al. (2012)
Nature 489

Online and Engaged: An Experiment Related to Online News and Political Interest

Shelley Boulianne (2012)

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