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Youth Engagement and Mobilization in the 2010 Toronto Municipal Election

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Table of Contents


Apathy is Boring reports the results of a youth engagement and mobilization project undertaken during the 2010 Toronto municipal election. The report explores how young Torontonians participate in elections and examines the impact of mobilization initiatives. The key findings include the following:

  • There are substantive differences in engagement among youth that are linked to residential and lifestyle factors, such as living with a parent or living in the city centre.
  • There is a relationship between mobilization activity – specifically, being contacted by a candidate – and voting in the election.
  • Organizations seeking to mobilize youth are modifying resources from election agencies to better suit their needs. There is also a clear need for outreach resources with information about candidates and their platforms.
  • Community and non-profit organizations responded positively to Toronto Election Services' youth initiative and want to see more comprehensive youth mobilization in future elections.

The report includes a series of research and outreach recommendations that all stakeholders – including community organizations, outreach workers, candidates and election agencies – can use to better engage young voters.

Table of Contents

Bernard Rudny and Ilona Dougherty
Apathy is Boring

André Blais and Delia Dumitrescu
Université de Montréal

Peter Loewen
University of Toronto

May 2011