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Les partis et la politique

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  • Party Change, Social Media and the Rise of ‘Citizen-Initiated' Campaigning (en anglais seulement)
    Rachel Gibson (2013)
    Party Politics, 19:6
  • Complicating the Public: Enabling Young Women's Participation in Public Engagement Initiatives (en anglais seulement)
    Leah R.E Levac (2013)
    Journal of Youth Studies, 16:3
  • Factors Influencing the Decision of the Young Politically Engaged To Join a Political Party: An Investigation of the Canadian Case (en anglais seulement)
    William Cross et Lisa Young (2008)
    Party Politics, 14:3
  • A Group Apart: Young Party Members in Canada (en anglais seulement)
    William Cross et Lisa Young (2007)
  • What Do You Mean I Can't Have a Say?: Young Canadians and Their Government (en anglais seulement)
    André Turcotte (2007)