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Estimation of Voter Turnout by Age Group and Gender at the 2011 Federal General Election

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Related Research

Estimation of Voter Turnout by Age Group (2008, 2006, 2004)

Since 2004, Elections Canada has produced turnout estimates by age group for each federal general election. The studies also provide a breakdown by province, and since 2008, by gender. These estimates are an indispensable source of information for those concerned with youth voter turnout at the federal level. For each election, they show that there is a considerable electoral imbalance between young and older Canadians.

For the 2011 election, turnout steadily increased with age, from 38.8% for ages 18–24 to 75.1% for ages 65–74, and then declined to 60.3% for those 75 and older. This same general pattern has been seen in every general election since 2004. Continue reading »

Table of Contents