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2015 National Youth Survey

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Table of Contents

Main Findings


Elections Canada commissioned the first National Youth Survey (NYS) in May 2011 following the federal general election. The first large-scale study of its kind, the NYS provided detailed information on the motivational and access barriers that Canadian youth and different youth subgroups experience that prevent them from voting. The results of the survey were subsequently used by Elections Canada to target and tailor its outreach activities and educational initiatives. Understanding barriers to voting is essential for both Elections Canada and youth-serving organizations to be able to effectively reach out to youth and provide them with the information they need on where, when and the different ways to vote.

The NYS was repeated after the October 2015 federal general election as part of Elections Canada’s ongoing efforts to understand how the barriers to voting are evolving, including the relative significance of access versus motivational barriers, and to ensure that the agency is equipped with evidence-based research to inform its outreach activities Continue reading »

Table of Contents