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Working in a Federal Election

Did you know that Canadian citizens 16 years old and up can work in a federal election? People working in a federal election receive training and are paid. It is not a volunteer position!

Working for an election is a great way to get involved in the electoral process, to gain work experience, and to meet the people in your community. It takes over 280,000 workers to fill the roles necessary to run a federal election that Canadians use and trust. Polling places are served by people from within the community, and are made more welcoming by having a wide variety of workers present on Election Day.

Some of the places where you can work in an election are:

  • a local Elections Canada office
  • a polling place
  • a campus voting office

During the 43rd general election in 2019, Elections Canada aims to reflect the rich diversity of Canada's communities, at its polling sites and in its offices from coast to coast to coast.

Are you interested in sharing information or organizing a workshop to help others learn about how to work in an election? Start your journey by using our Working in an Election Toolkit (coming soon).