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2023 Recruitment of Returning Officers

Elections Canada is currently recruiting returning officers in several ridings across Canada. This is a great opportunity to take part in democracy and embrace new challenges.

If your members are seeking new opportunities and are well-organized, committed and leaders in their community, tell them not to wait another day and encourage them to apply now.

Federal returning officers are responsible for the delivery and control of federal electoral events within their riding. Their work is by nature impartial and non-partisan, and they must conduct all business accordingly.

Role of Stakeholders

As part of our communication strategy, stakeholder support is key to achieving our communication and recruitment objectives. Sharing information about the recruitment of returning officers in your networks will help to attract qualified candidates. It will also be key to reaching some of our priority groups (including Indigenous electors, new electors and electors with disabilities).

Elections Canada is currently making it a priority to further include First Nations people in the administration of Elections Canada (as employees, election administrators and poll workers). The goal of this inclusion is to eventually do away with barriers for First Nations electors who live on reserves and wish to participate in Canada's electoral process.

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Key messages

  • Apply to become a federal returning officer at
  • Play a critical role in Canada's democracy. Show your interest in working as a returning officer today.
  • Managing a federal election as a returning officer is as rewarding as it is challenging.
  • Returning officers are appointed for a 10-year mandate.
  • This is a paid position with a variable work schedule based on the electoral cycle.
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