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Youth Registration Promotion

The National Register of Electors (the Register) is the permanent database of Canadians aged 18 and older who are qualified to vote in federal elections and referendums.

As part of Elections Canada's regular efforts to keep the lists of electors up-to-date, we inform potential new electors of how they can make sure they are registered to vote in federal elections.

To vote in a federal election, electors must be registered on the lists of electors. They can register at the polls when they go to vote; but if they register in advance at the right address, they will receive a voter information card in the mail when a federal election is called. The voter information card tells them when, where and the ways to vote.

An up-to-date registration will also make the voting process easier for electors, as they won't need to register when they go to vote.

Voting is habit-forming: research shows that people who vote in the first few elections after they turn 18 are more likely to become lifelong voters than those who don't.

Role of Stakeholders

Your support is key to achieving our communication and registration objectives, especially among young people. Sharing information about registration with your networks will help to raise awareness among youth.

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Key messages

To vote in a federal election, you must first be registered. You can register online, by mail, or at the polls when you go to vote. To register and vote in the federal election, you must:

Being on the Register at your current address will ensure that, when an election is called, you receive a personalized voter information card that tells you where, when and the ways to vote. It will also save you time when you go to vote, as you won't have to register on site.


Here are some tools to help you share information about Elections Canada's youth registration campaign:

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