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Station jobs

There are election workers at each polling station who work directly with the public.


When you work at a polling station, you work either:

  • on election day
  • at the Keyword: advance polls (the Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday one week before election day)

On election day, the shift begins up to an hour before the polls open and ends when the election workers have counted the last ballots—usually a 14 hours (or more).

When you work at a polling station, you work closely with the public. Polling stations can at times be busy, but you'll always have a team working with you.

From the information officer, who directs electors to the appropriate table, to the deputy returning officer, who handles the ballot, election workers at polling stations make it possible for electors to vote in an orderly way.

Jobs at a polling station include

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How to apply

Fill out this online form anytime. Note, however, that most jobs are filled only during the election period.